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    2014 - 06.08

    Below is the list of scripture songs available on youtube and for download. For a list of discovered textual errors, click here.
    To download a song, right-click (on mobile, long-press) where it says MP3 and select Save Link As (on mobile, Save Link).

    CH# Chapter Verses Download Downloads Filesize Length
    1147James 1:1-2727MP324113.21 MB05:46
    1148James 2:1-2626MP325612.78 MB05:35
    1149James 3:1-1818MP324810.43 MB04:33
    1150James 4:1-1717MP31553.63 MB03:57
    1151James 5:1-2020MP320110.70 MB04:40
    11531 Peter 2:1-2525MP321414.50 MB06:20
    11541 Peter 3:1-2222MP317912.07 MB05:16
    11551 Peter 4:1-1919MP319611.46 MB05:00
    11561 Peter 5:1-1414MP31177.71 MB03:22
    0479Psalm 1:1-66MP33114.34 MB01:53
    0480Psalm 2:1-1212MP31975.48 MB02:23
    0481Psalm 3:1-88MP31403.85 MB01:40
    0482Psalm 4:1-88MP31255.47 MB02:23
    0483Psalm 5:1-1212MP31248.44 MB03:41
    0484Psalm 6:1-1010MP31366.32 MB02:45
    0489Psalm 11:1-77MP31324.65 MB02:01
    0491Psalm 13:1-66MP31074.35 MB01:54
    0493Psalm 15:1-55MP31343.79 MB01:39
    0498Psalm 20:1-99MP31236.17 MB02:41
    0501Psalm 23:1-66MP31374.62 MB02:01
    0533Psalm 55:1-2323MP322214.19 MB06:11
    0539Psalm 61:1-88MP31364.38 MB01:54
    0569Psalm 91:1-1616MP32096.63 MB02:53
    0578Psalm 100:1-55MP3982.50 MB01:05
    0589Psalm 111:1-1010MP3984.11 MB01:47
    0590Psalm 112:1-1010MP3801.87 MB02:02
    0594Psalm 116:1-1919MP31199.38 MB04:05
    0595Psalm 117:1-22MP3821.07 MB00:28
    0598Psalm 120:1-77MP31163.49 MB01:31
    0599Psalm 121:1-88MP31103.62 MB01:34
    0601Psalm 123:1-44MP31223.86 MB01:41
    0603Psalm 125:1-55MP3742.78 MB01:12
    0604Psalm 126:1-66MP3672.49 MB01:05
    0606Psalm 128:1-66MP3642.87 MB01:15
    0607Psalm 129:1-88MP3894.17 MB01:49
    0609Psalm 131:1-33MP31043.04 MB01:19
    0617Psalm 139:1-2424MP323310.47 MB04:34
    0619Psalm 141:1-1010MP31016.34 MB02:46
    0621Psalm 143:1-1212MP3958.50 MB03:42
    0622Psalm 144:1-1515MP3987.37 MB03:13
    0625Psalm 147:1-2020MP31006.65 MB02:54
    0628Psalm 150:1-66MP31203.17 MB01:23
    0631Proverbs 3:1-3535MP322611.71 MB05:07
    0651Proverbs 23:1-3535MP312910.30 MB04:29
    0659Proverbs 31:1-3131MP316510.98 MB04:47
    1012John 15:1-2727MP333813.52 MB05:54
    1058Romans 12:1-2121MP322510.41 MB04:32
    10751 Corinthians 13:1-1313MP333910.84 MB04:44
    1133Philemon 1:1-2525MP3975.80 MB06:19
    1098Ephesians 1:1-2323MP325713.70 MB05:59
    1099Ephesians 2:1-2222MP317911.24 MB04:54
    1100Ephesians 3:1-2121MP316111.36 MB04:57
    1101Ephesians 4:1-3232MP318915.01 MB06:33
    1103Ephesians 6:1-2424MP330212.03 MB05:15